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  • Beauty center with 3D ceiling
    Frozen yogurt shop with 3D ceiling.
  • Fitness center with translucent ceiling
    Fitness center with translucent ceiling.
  • Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces
    Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces.
  • Exposition with translucent ceiling
    Exposition with translucent ceiling.
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Stretch Ceiling Installation


You’ve learned about stretch ceiling pre-install, but what comes next? It’s time for the magic! Gregory, our president, has been installing stretch ceilings for over 10 years in stores, offices, homes, hotels, and more. Two pros can complete around 500-1000 square feet of a flat ceiling installation a day, assuming the required installation conditions have been met. The hard work is always done behind the scenes in our office and fabrication facility, so the actual ceiling installation is fast, clean, and efficient!

We’ve mastered the process and this is what it looks like:

  1. The profile is screw attached to the wall, soffit, frame, ceiling, or some other form of rigid structure.
  2. The membrane is factory shrunk approximately 6% smaller than the survey measurements, and is shipped to the site normally within 14 days.
  3. On site, the material is warmed up to 104-115° F, stretched, and using special spatula tools clipped into the profile system.
  4. Openings for recessed lighting, vents, sprinklers, etc. are cut and applied reinforcing rings, allowing final fixtures to be installed.

Not quite interested in having us do the install? We welcome you to our facility based in Denver, CO to provide training! It runs approximately two hours and provides a deeper understanding of the who, what, why, and how of stretch ceilings!

Questions about your next ceiling or the training seminars? Feel free to contact us at office@usa-stretch-ceilings.com or visit our website!


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7200 E. Hampden Ave. Denver CO 80224


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