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  • Beauty center with 3D ceiling
    Frozen yogurt shop with 3D ceiling.
  • Fitness center with translucent ceiling
    Fitness center with translucent ceiling.
  • Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces
    Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces.
  • Exposition with translucent ceiling
    Exposition with translucent ceiling.
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Stretch Ceiling Pre-installation: What Does it Look Like?

bright stretch ceilingIt’s easy to think of your ceiling as lost space, but why not make sure it has the style and life of the rest of the room? From a wavy frozen yogurt dreamland to a print of the Milan runway, there are so many options when it comes to stylizing your ceiling.

Before we get into all of your options, let’s take a trip into the process to see how we get you there—here’s what we need to do before we get a chance to install:

  1. It’s electric! Walls, roof, and electrical work needs to be completed before the installation of the Stretch Ceiling System.
  2. Get it straight! A horizontal line is to be made using a laser or chalk line to identify the level where Stretch Ceiling profiles will be attached.
  3. Profile Shot. Profiles for all internal and external corners should be pre-cut and installed.
  4. Nobody puts baby in the corner. All corners around the perimeter of the room should be joined together to make a continuous line.
  5. Check, mate! All corners and profile edges need to be checked and hand-filed as necessary to avoid Stretch Ceiling membrane puncture.
  6. Keep it clean! Carefully unpack Stretch Ceiling, avoid letting ceiling membrane touch any dirty or unprotected floors or tools.
  7. Out of the way, special clamps coming through! Use special clamps to suspend Stretch Ceiling near the corner areas
  8. It’s getting hot in here! Use forced air heater to warm the room to 104-110ºF
  9. Fight the cold. To speed up installation, close any cold air creators including doors, windows, a/c, etc.
  10. Almost there! Once the membrane is flexible and wrinkle free, the installation of Stretch Ceiling may begin.

Once your room and the stretch membrane are in prime condition, it’s time to install! Check back for the next blog where we talk about the installation process!

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us by phone at 303.751.2437 or check out our website!


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