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  • Beauty center with 3D ceiling
    Frozen yogurt shop with 3D ceiling.
  • Fitness center with translucent ceiling
    Fitness center with translucent ceiling.
  • Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces
    Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces.
  • Exposition with translucent ceiling
    Exposition with translucent ceiling.
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Lighting Solutions

The Stretch Ceiling System membrane offers a fantastic opportunity to create clean-and-cool or loud-and-colorful lighting effects using our Translucent material for light diffusion, backlighting, and front or rear projection. The material is only 0.18mm thick, very lightweight, and offers approximately 50% light transmission. Any type of fittings can be accommodated within the material and any light fixture can be used behind the membrane including fluorescent, cold cathode, LED’s, color change, fiber optics, light cannons, spots, etc to create unique lighting designs and features.

Stretch Ceiling System sheets are manufactured in 1.35 meter – 2.4 meter wide rolls and are ultrasonically welded to one another for larger installations.

The Stretch Ceiling diffuser can be fixed using de-mountable frames for frequent access or the track can be permanently fixed to the perimeter structure allowing the material to be unclipped and re-fitted by our installers or trained maintenance staff.

It is possible to paint, digital print, or use vinyl graphics on the Stretch Ceiling diffuser for corporate logos, images, advertisement, and individual creations.

  • Lighting solutions
  • Lighting solutions
  • Lighting solutions


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7200 E. Hampden Ave. Denver CO 80224


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