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  • Beauty center with 3D ceiling
    Frozen yogurt shop with 3D ceiling.
  • Fitness center with translucent ceiling
    Fitness center with translucent ceiling.
  • Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces
    Wavy stretch ceiling in office spaces.
  • Exposition with translucent ceiling
    Exposition with translucent ceiling.
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Stretch Ceilings – Design, Supply & Installation

We create fashionable stretch ceiling solutions for commercial and upscale residential interiors. We like the challenge and we dig in with passion into any ceiling design objective you come up with. Let us help you create an impact of distinction and uniqueness using our stretch ceilings, dedication and knowledge.

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Why would you use stretch ceilings over other options?

Stretch ceilings are unique because of its ability to transform spaces into something very special. We have been installing stretch ceilings since 2003 in hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, retail stores and offices; some of our unusual designs have been completed around basements and garages. In all of these cases our ceilings create unique theme offering shapes that can not be achieved with other options, quality of color and finish that can not be achieved by painting, acoustical enhancement that can not be integrated along with other options; and the most popular and unique option is our translucent ceilings. We manufacture translucent ceilings as floating panels of various sizes, continues glowing ceilings and optionally all of them can be with acoustical enhancement delivering highest NRC values. Our unique specialty is modular light panels of various sizes and shapes with integrated LED lights. Its custom manufactured to your specs, crated and delivered to the job site ready to be installed.

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Stretch Ceiling Systems, LLC. is a Denver, CO based company supplying 50 USA states with extensive range of Stretch Ceiling solutions including custom light boxes and translucent ceilings, suspended acoustical panels and 3D ceiling elements. Our products carry 12 year factory warranty  and backed by our award winning expertise since 2003. Do you have questions about stretch ceilings? Do you need design assistance or a solution for a unique ceiling concept?


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7200 E. Hampden Ave. Denver CO 80224


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